Please click "download" below...

Read the important information (below), print the petition, sign it, ask your friends, neighbours, colleagues and anybody else you meet to sign it, then return it as soon as possible to:


PO BOX 3254



(Unfortunately Croydon Council do not permit the online submission of petitions, so we have to rely on paper formats)

Kindly note the following:

  • The text and design have gone through a stringent approvals process and therefore must not be modified in any way.
  • When printed, this must be on plain white A4 paper, landscape, using either a black-and-white or colour printer and printed to its original scale.
  • If you require additional sheets, simply photocopy the blank version you are downloading, or go back into this link to download additional copies.
  • Only residents registered to vote in Croydon are eligible to sign this petition.
  • You may collect between 1-15 signatures per sheet.
  • Please do not mark outside the boxes and write nothing else on the petition sheet.
  • Do not write in the Page Number space! This will be used only when bundling all petition sheets for the council.
  • Please complete all sections in BLOCK CAPITALS, with the exception of the signature
  • Please post the completed sheet(s) back to us at the address printed at the bottom of the petition.
  • You must send back the originals - photocopies or scanned/emailed copies will be rejected by the council.