We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following Residents' Associations, political and other groups:

Addington Village Residents' Association Hartley & District Residents' Association Whitgift Residents' Association

Kendra Croham Valley Residents Association

Kenley & District Residents' Association

Purley and Woodcote Residents' Association Croham Valley Residents Association


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Croydon Conservatives Croydon South Labour Libertarian Party Candidate Sean Finch

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Brexit Party Candidate Alan Cook Brexit Party Candidate Peter Sonnex

Christian Parties Alliance

"The great thing about a London Mayor is they cannot hide when difficult decisions have to be made or promises are not fulfilled. They have to go out and justify themselves. We want that for Croydon where we feel too much is not explained and poor performance is hidden within an anonymous system". Likewise a Mayor can take the credit for good performance."

Croham Valley Residents Association

“Kendra is non-political like most RAs - we are keen to support DEMOC because the way the council is run today is broken. Whatever party wins the next election we can not allow this current system to continue. Kendra members have lost patience with the way the planning process is managed. If the current leadership continue as they do today then we will have blocks of flats everywhere.”

Kenley & District Residents' Association

“I am very pleased to support this residents-led initiative. Croydon Council has been ignoring the views of residents, especially on planning matters where residents’ concerns are contemptuously dismissed, for too long. A Directly elected executive mayor will have to listen to residents from all parts of the Borough equally, rather than just in a handful of marginal wards. The leader of our Borough should be chosen by the whole public, not 20 or 30 councillors behind closed doors. The votes of many of these councillors are bought off with “Special Responsibility Allowances”. Regardless of your party affiliation, a Directly Elected Executive Mayor is a very good idea. I will be signing the petition and voting for this.”

Chris Philp MP Croydon South.

"Croydon South Labour Party supports the campaign for a mayor"

Croydon South Labour Party

"Croydon is a unique asset in Greater London and duly deserves greater recognition and support from the Government. I am in favour of the campaign to have the roll of Croydon Mayor Democratically chosen by the electorate. Croydon would benefit from a true politically independent voice."

Alan Cook, the Croydon North candidate for The Brexit Party.

"The Brexit Party is the party of reform in our politics, changing politics for good at the national and local level. I am supporting the campaign for a democratically elected mayor for Croydon."

Petter Sonnext the Croydon South candidate for The Brexit Party.