• DEMOC Launch Slide

    Thank you to all that attended our Launch Meeting on May 12. Your support for a directly-elected mayor for Croydon makes our campaign possible.

    This is a golden opportunity for Croydon to write its own future. We are the largest London borough by population, we could be a real powerhouse for South London and for the capital as a whole. Instead, we‘ve been let down by those who should be leading. A directly elected mayor, accountable to the whole of Croydon, will provide the leadership that’s been lacking for too long.

    Watch our video...

Croydon residents have the chance to change the way their town is led for the better on 7 October. A directly-elected mayor offers Croydon a real opportunity to fulfil its potential, to be a better borough. Help us make Croydon the South London powerhouse it should be.