• It is a historic time for our borough - Croydon voted for change. Next May, we WILL have a democratically elected mayor!
    Thank you for having faith in Croydon’s future.
    Thank you to all our many volunteers who helped to secure this incredible victory.

    DEMOC was established to deliver the opportunity to build a better future for our borough. I am proud to say we did that, and then some.

    Again, thank you, and here’s to a better, brighter future for Croydon.
    Gerry Meredith-Smith
    Chair, DEMOC

Croydon residents have the chance to change the way their town is led for the better on 7 October. A directly-elected mayor offers Croydon a real opportunity to fulfil its potential, to be a better borough. Help us make Croydon the South London powerhouse it should be.